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Meet Muse

Social Entrepreneur, Award-winning Author,

Educator, Instructor and Keynote Speaker

 I love designing inspirational teaching tools and programs that deliver knowledge and information that engages the highest self.  Engagement that moves us past our biases.  My talent lies in my ability to weave a tapestry from the many threads of creativity, innovation, technology and people. I'm passionate about our co-collaboration. Because united we stand!

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The Cyber Security Handbook was built from my wish for my fellow human beings to have the ability to operate without fear in this ever-evolving technological world around us. Now more than ever, our economy will depend on the success of small businesses, social enterprises and nonprofits' and their ability to operate safely online.

"A very useful cybersecurity business reference tool presented in clear (non-technical) terminology. I was able to read the whole book in just a few hours… understand and immediately put the content to use." Amazon 5-Star Review

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From My Blog

I am a leadership specialist the sanguine of my dedication to posturing leadership as an intersectional component to a successful organization community and economy.  Leadership in today’s context is a three-tiered confluence of social activism, technological innovation, and economic wellbeing for all. This blog will weave these three seemingly unrelated topics (Anti-Racism, Cybersecurity and Leadership) into one lovely lifestyle celebration of what is possible when we accept that all people (and our planet) are more than just one narrative.

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"Working with Muse and Inspiration FX did not feel like "work" at all. Muse and Alan led our team through inclusion and community-building professional development so we could feel rooted in our environment and connected to each other as we grew professionally. The training was personalized and engaging. Muse is inspirational, kind, and approachable. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with her!"

Melissa Curtis

Associate Vice President 


"Muse is a fantastic, insightful, and strategic thinker with the rare qualities of empathy, business acumen, and imminent trustworthiness. I've worked with her on a few occasions and seen her process first hand. There's a reason she and her ventures are so in demand. She knows her stuff!"

David Wyatt

Senior Vice President

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"Muse is a person of high integrity, immense focus, and has an unmatched intuition and ability to make people feel comfortable. I have found her to be a compelling communicator and a fruitful collaborator. I do not hesitate to recommend her for any project that requires innovation, complete devotion, and great intelligence. And all this with warmth and humour to boot!"

Rachel Wyatt

Creative Director



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